Thursday, 2 June 2016

Cairns Ironman AG records

The Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Cairns is almost ready to start for another year. The weather always plays a role in this race with very hot, windy and humid conditions beating the field in to submission in 2013. This was followed in 2014 with 24 hours of constant rain soaking the track and making the transitions mud pools. Last year, more wet conditions greeted the athletes with a late afternoon energy sapping dose of humidity. What can be expected this year? Who knows but Mother Nature will play her part in the results - that' for sure.

2014 rainy days

In case you wanted to know what speeds athletes in your age group are capable of, Yourironguide has the AG records. Some of these times are truly amazing and inspiring. A quick mention has to be made for the only two new records from last year. Liz Blatchford bettered her previous record time to an eye catching 9:11. Levi Maxwell won the 25-29 AG with 8:36:57! That time missed out on the OVERALL podium (including all pro athletes) by just 2 seconds - amazing effort.

ProDavid Dellow8:15:042012
18-24Amos Gollach9:06:212013
25-29Levi Maxwell8:36:572015
30-34Brett Carter8:44:032012
35-39Ben Bell9:03:232013
40-44Paul Walton9:05:242014
45-49Allan Jefferson9:18:232014
50-54Tobias Neale9:19:482014
55-59Kevin Fergusson9:37:152014
60-64Colin Clarke10:27:562014
65-69Muranaka Shinichi12:40:562014
70-74Dieter Rethmeier13:11:322014
75-79Kamei Yoshitaka15:54:402014
80+Hiromu Inada16:34:192014
ProLiz Blatchford9:11:492015
18-24Tan Burge11:30:402014
25-29Zoe Williams10:18:172014
30-34Marina Jurjevic10:00:142013
35-39Julianne Schliebs10:02:482014
40-44Sue Crowe10:04:152013
45-49Aline Palloure10:52:572014
50-54Maria Ross11:02:482014
55-59Nancy Cullen11:09:572014
60-64Lynne Pattle12:37:102014
65-69Valerie Gonzales14:38:352014

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