Sunday, 4 October 2015

The "Hollywood" of Ironman

The pre-race week of the year has arrived. Hawaii, Kona, The World Championships, The Hollywood of Ironman.........whatever you may call it, the big dance has arrived!!
Many athletes wait the whole year for this week to show their training has been worthwhile and prove to themselves it was all worth it. This week, YOURIRONGUIDE is in Kailua Kona as both an competitor and media representative. It is hoped we can offer insight in to the week and what it means to be part of the action. To start proceedings, here are a few images of the swim start and Queen Ka'ahumanu highway (affectionately known simply as the Queen K).This is to simply wet your appetite. Tomorrow - what you need to know about the big Island of Hawaii if you ever wish to prepare for the journey!
The famous pier that is the transition for the day
The final walk down to the water at DigMe beach (swim start)
Queen K
Even at sunset the heat remains
180km of white line awaits

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