Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The dust has settled

The dust has now settled and YOURIRONGUIDE is happy to say that Cairns IM was an exceptionally well run event this year. The weather gods did not favour the day with regular rain and wet conditions. Many AG athletes commented they preferred the rain for cooling on the run instead of the tortuous humidity when the sun came out so perhaps a silver lining to the clouds above. Throw in some strong head winds back to town on the bike course and this year's edition was a real test. We will be going through plenty of footage including following a first time athlete throughout the day to ride the highs and lows and also an upcoming treat - we have 7 pro athletes talking about their very first IM event and all of the issues they also had to struggle with on the first attempt. Below is a small tease of things to come - a video of what must have been the longest IM transition in history. We think almost every athlete required a gel and hydration just to make it from one end to the other. That however is ironman racing and why we love it so much - every course is so different.


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