Thursday, 11 December 2014

What does it look like when four age group and two professional IM athletes all share the same house just 24 hours before IMWA?? If you followed any of the information we shared - organisation is the key to any long distance race. Take a look at this 20 minutes condensed in to 1 short minute. I am happy to report not one issue on any of the bikes after all of this work for the 6 competitors (including me)!
Now that the dust has settled on IMWA, there are two common questions that first timers ask. The first is "should I do any training at all? The answer is YES!!!! I have grabbed a post from Kristian Manietta, a respected long distance coach below . Please, please at least rollover some easy sessions to ensure a good recovery this week.
The second question is more to do with "why do I feel flat now it is a week after the IM?" I can assure you this is common and stems from the fact that you have been concentrating on a sole goal for so long and your time commitment has not allowed you to think about much else. It is common now to be a little "lost" without a goal and plenty of time to think about it. This is probably why so many people sign up soon after for another event - to keep the high going. Relax, this feeling is normal and if you want my advice, now is the best time to give attention to all of the people that have supported you over the last 4 months - they deserve it for putting up with Ironman training and what goes with it. Take you time to ease in to a coffee ride, roll the legs over on a favourite short run or swim for enjoyment rather than hard training. Set a new goal if you feel you would like to but now is a great time for the body to recover fully both mentally and physically. Eat some of the wrong things, have a wine if that is what you want and let the body rest (with light exercise to keep it ticking over). Most of all, enjoy your Ironman experience as after all - that is why you started the journey in the first place.
A finalword from Luke McKenzie who we were lucky enough to catch just before the race on the weekend. Many thanks Luke!

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