Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Time to put our pros to the test for their honesty!! In this post we asked each of them their shaving ritual leading in to an Ironman event and what it included. We have to say some of them had a giggle but in the true spirit of helping new Ironman athletes as much as possible - each of them shared their responses to this personal question.
Before we see the responses - here is a reminder of the great line up of athletes that have been good enough to share their time with us.
Many thanks again to Martin Jensen (MJ), Todd Israel (TI), Matt Burton (MB), Liz Blatchford (LB), Matty White (MW), Lisa Marangon (LM), Bree Wee (BW), Rebecca Hoschke (RH), Guy Crawford (GC), Katy Duffield (KD), Michelle Duffield (MD), Kate Bevilaqua (KB), Brad Hosking (BH), YOURIRONGUIDE (YIG)

Enjoy reading the responses!!

Do you have any shaving ritual before IM races and if so, can we pry and ask if it is more than a lower leg (perhaps to stop chafe, be more aero or other reason)?


#I have a swimming background. I shave all over, both arms, legs etc... (MJ)


#I "veet" the under carriage to stop saddle sores.  (TI)

#Do you have any shaving ritual before IM races and if so, can we pry and ask if it is more than a lower leg (perhaps to stop chafe, be more aero or other reason)?

 #just shave it all… all about aero. Relatively hairless so until puberty arrives all is pretty easy. (MB)

#just my usual, 3/4 leg. I’ve heard it’s more aero but I’m not particularly hairy so I don’t think it would make much difference!! I guess I see it as dotting the i’s, crossing the T’s. Going to work and being professional about it?! (LB)

#Just the standard arms and legs, I have been doing it for so long now that I would feel silly with hair! (MW)

#Not at all...I just shave because I'm - Female (; (LM)

#I always shave, nothing to do with feel or aero dynamics, I just like it better.  (BW)

#TriShave shaving cream is my number one winner to look and feel good :-)  
Check out the Specialized recommendations on shaved legs :-) 

#Ha, Actually I do. I raced two IM's without shaving down and had terrible days. So now I always shave down two days out. Legs, face and if it’s hot the body.....If it's cold I leave the David Hasslehoff chest hair. (GC)

 #the legs have to be smooth for race day! (KD)
#a gal has always got to keep on top of the grooming throughout an IM program. The legs are always out, you're one the bike for long hours every week, and the bathers are donned a few times a week every week. So come race day, nothing is really done any differently. Just maintain the grooming regime. (MD)
#LOL…that makes me laugh! I wonder how honest Guy Crawford it going to be about this one!! No, in that regards I am pretty normal, just the usual leg shaving and I am ready!  (KB)

#No. I only first shaved my legs after 6 years in the sport and that's as far as I've ever gone (or will) go. (BH)
#In the week before an IM, I shave down completely. This includes legs (which are shaved as standard anyway), Arms (which assist me to stay cool and add sunscreen during the day), Head (the head loses up to 40% of the body’s heat, I cut my head very short to help with temperature control on the day especially hot climates) and the undercarriage (which is trimmed so that I can apply fixomull to stop chafe and cuts during the long hours in the saddle backed up by the run) YIG



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