Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The second in the set of Pro interviews is quite timely as many of them are preparing for events around the world! 

Their expertise is also great information for us to use. The first question we asked them this time is:

What is the one tip you would give a first time Ironman athlete?

Don’t have any expectations to your first Ironman experience. It is a tremendous task to do an ironman, and you should really just try to enjoy the whole thing. (MJ)

If you’ve done the training, you should be fine on race day. No matter how fast or slow you go its hard work. (TI)

Before any race and event, don’t be overwhelmed by nerves. The only one putting the pressure on you is yourself as those close to you, friends and family, will love you regardless of the outcome. (MB)

Embrace the day, your first IM is special. Aside from that I’d say have a nutrition plan that you have practiced. Nothing new on race day. I.e. find out what nutrition the course provides and try it out to see if it sits well with you, or carry your own. My coach said to me before my first IM - “It’s just a catered training day” - people handing you coke, bananas, gels all day whilst you get to bike and run :) (LB)

Don’t set your goals to high as your first one is a guaranteed PB! (MW)

The training is harder than race day... There will be a roller coaster of emotions going on ...enjoy every moment. (LM)

A tip Id share for a first time Ironman athlete would be to truly just have fun.  It is a no pressure race, you have nothing to prove other than finish, and it is a day you will never forget, make it one to remember.  I always think about my first Ironman, it was honestly the best race I can remember, all of it felt special and beautiful from start line to finish line.  They are never easy, even when you win, so respect the distance, keep humble, but have fun because it is possible to enjoy 140.6 miles. (BW)

A simple and consistent routine is the key to building foundation and development. (RH)

Control the controllable's. Don't worry about what you can't change. (GC)

There are no shortcuts. You will get out what you put in. (KD)

Be organized! (MD)

Don't forget the all-important 4th Discipline of Nutrition! You can be the most physically fit you have ever been, but if your nutrition is not right, it is going to be even tougher than it should be!! A quick addition would be to slow down and walk that finish line!! Doing that first Ironman is the BEST! I wish I could be an Ironman virgin again because it is an amazing experience! After the first one, you begin to have high expectations and want more! That first time is something you can never get back again!  (KB)

Don't take for Gospel everything you read and hear. Take it all in with open mind, then extract only that which you feel applies to you and your own personal situation, lifestyle etc. Everyone has their take or spin on something and a lot of that which you will read is written by professionals and just isn't applicable or transferable to a first timer or general age group athlete. Suck and see if you're unsure, but just because 'Craig Alexander' may have said so, doesn't make it necessarily 'right so' for you. (BH)

The day is not a stand-alone event but a celebration of the Ironman Journey you started many months before. For this reason, enjoy the day and look forward to your chance to show what you have accomplished with your training. (YIG)

What food do you look forward to in the 24 hours after an IM as a reward?

No specific food…..simply, going home and relaxing. (MJ)

I really enjoy ice-cream and fruit salad post-race. It's the first thing I go for in the recovery tent. (TI)

Honestly just look forward to sitting for a coffee. Food varies as ironman can mix your bodies needs in regard of nutrition so not any specific cravings. (MB)

I’m usually very much over sweet stuff and craving savoury. Pizza, burger, chips. (LB)

Fish and Chips (MW)

 Ice cream, chips and mc Donald's (LM)

I love Chinese!!! (RH)

Burgers and Beer!!! What’s not to love about that combo!! (GC)

The body craves salt! So firstly it's salty hot chips, usually accompanied with pizza :) (KD)

Pizza, party pies, chips (hot and crisps), fresh cinnamon donuts. The list is long. (MD)

I hate to admit it…..but McDonalds and Ice cream is the normal post Ironman Treat! But normally not until the next day! After an Ironman I really struggle to eat much that night! The stomach does not feel awesome after all the gels! But by about 2-3am the grumblings begin and I am ready to go for it! Pancakes for breakfast are always AMAZING!! (KB)

Nothing really, I'm fully treating myself as I go. That's the beauty of IM training - you can shove just about anything down your neck and it doesn't matter. I train so that I may eat. (BH)

I am not a sweet tooth so cakes and donuts are off the menu. Usually I crave something savoury and salty so hot chips or a steak sandwich. The pizza/ice-cream option that is traditional at Kona isn’t my best option but when in Rome….. (YIG)

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